A comparison of the movies guess who and guess whos coming to dinner

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A comparison of the movies guess who and guess whos coming to dinner

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But still, I was able to extract the essential meaning from this film. The film opens with a happy couple, Dr. As we soon learn, Prentice and Joey have only known each other ten days, but have fallen deeply in love and plan on getting married as soon as possible.

A comparison of the movies guess who and guess whos coming to dinner

The only problem is that Prentice is black, and Joey is white. But now, seeing that their daughter has fallen in love with an African-American, they find themselves surprisingly prejudiced. After an awkward introduction, Prentice comes to Mr.

Drayton with a proposal.

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With utmost respect, Prentice explains that he would never want his marriage to Joey to come between her and her parents, and that if the Draytons do not approve of the marriage, Prentice will not go through with it.

Drayton, and to a lesser extent Mrs. Drayton, coming to terms with an interracial marriage. Its mansion, much like the mansion in The Philadelphia Story, feels like a stage for the more important dialogue and character development.

Some characters, particularly Joey, are one-dimensional and hardly believable, but they function perfectly as representations of ideas, as symbols.

At one point, she breaks down into fake crying in the middle of a conversation, only to switch emotions almost mid-sentence. Sidney Poitier, as usual, puts on a wonderful performance. The subtlety to his acting is best seen in an exchange Prentice has with his father, a late arrival to the Drayton household.

Poitier has a challenging task: In this one scene, Poitier manages to communicate the emotional complexity behind a son maturing past his father, and he does it without losing sight of the larger comment on race-relations.

Thus, the simplicity of the setting does not hinder the film but rather allows the character interactions a freedom to explore subtleties. Poitier is not the only great actor in this film, though. Spencer Tracy is perhaps most impressive in just how well he works with Katharine Hepburn. The pair are stunningly believable as an aged husband and wife.

Hepburn can communicate inner conflict with just as much subtlety as Poitier. In one scene, she gazes at her daughter, who is visibly ecstatically in love, and her expression shows just the right amount of frustration mixed with affection. The youngest generation is comically naive.

Prentice and Joey meet a younger couple at a restaurant, and the other couple seems not even to notice their racial difference. Prentice comments later about Joey: Their attitude hints at the essential thesis of the film. He seems to deny to himself that he is, in fact, prejudiced, instead claiming that his own discrimination is a necessity, a way of preventing harm for his daughter.

His cynicism, though, his lack of faith in society, is really just a cover up for his own fears. This seems to be the main point of the movie, and part of the universality of the film is that it applies to societal change in general. And Poitier gets to bridge this generational gap.

In the film, Prentice is 37, while Joey is But the film serves as an example of how a thematically focused film does not need to be a thematically simple film.There are some truths that I strive to preach, for lack of a better word, in today's information-culture wars propagated in our corrupt mainstream media.

The go-to synopsis for Get Out, the brilliant new horror film from writer-director Jordan Peele (Key & Peele), is that it's Guess Who's Coming to Dinner crossed with a racially charged update of.

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The three female characters are, like those in Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, relatively weak in comparison to the patriarchal male figure; their disempowerment stems from their overly sexualized and childish characteristics, and is further emphasized by the repetitive images of their naked feet.

Therefore, like Dr. Prentice, the black.

So how do I deal with him withdrawing like this?

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A comparison of the movies guess who and guess whos coming to dinner

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