A quick rundown on a lesson of morality

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A quick rundown on a lesson of morality

Christian morality is rooted in the immutable Law of God that is summarized in the Ten Commandments. Christians recognize concretely-defined activities like murder, theft, lying, adultery, and fornication as being sinful.

Many Americans are still raised in ostensibly Christian churches, but nevertheless worship a god whose attributes and character are entirely distinct from the God of historic Christian orthodoxy.

Where the God of Christianity is sovereign, righteous, holy, just, and actively concerned with the actions of His creatures in history, the god of moralistic therapeutic deism is close enough to be helpful, but distant enough so that he she?

You seldom hear condemnations of traditional sins like adultery or fornication anymore. Now we condemn sins against equality, like racism, sexism, homophobia, bigotry, and intolerance. This brings us to the Donald Sterling scandal. Sterling is treated with contempt because he violated the consensus egalitarian morality of contemporary American culture.

Lesson Two The second lesson to learn from this episode is the hypocrisy attending this new egalitarian morality. All non-Christian systems of morality are ultimately hypocritical and self-contradictory, and this system of egalitarian ethics is no different.

The religion of equality is a mess of double standards and sheer hypocrisy enforced because of perceived and most often contrived past grievances. This is especially true as it pertains to the media.

Contrast this with the utter lack of press coverage that attended the Knoxville Horrorin which Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, a white couple, were tortured and raped for hours by black thugs before being murdered.

The mainstream media completely disregarded the story, and whenever it was reported by the local media, the issue of race was entirely ignored. Another more recent example is the execution of Clayton Lockett by the state of Oklahoma.

Initial press coverage expressed regret that the poor rapist and murderer experienced discomfort.


How many people even heard of Clayton Lockett before his botched execution? It goes without saying that the hypocrisy of the media in dealing with race is appalling.

The duplicity in media reporting on Donald Sterling is matched by its reaction to certain celebrities. Ask yourself, where is the media outrage directed at Johnson for his endorsement of segregation?

If equality is true and segregation was evil, why is it okay for a black man to advocate this for the benefit of other blacks? Suppose a white NFL player were to advocate for an all-white professional football league for the same reason.

Would the reaction be the same as for Larry Johnson?

A quick rundown on a lesson of morality

He would likely be fined, suspended, or outright expelled and cast out from all polite society. Johnson is still gainfully employed by the Knicks. The hypocrisy is magnified exponentially by the fact that in reality, white athletes actually do face unjust discrimination in college and professional athletics.

Upstanding citizens like Snoop Dogg 4 have expressed their disapproval of Donald Sterling. In Februaryas owner of the Brooklyn Nets, Jay-Z hosted a party for fans but instructed bouncers to prohibit whites from entering.

The Sterling scandal and the hypocrisy involved in the media sensation highlights how the media no longer informs the public of real news, but has descended to reporting tabloid gossip and scandal-mongering while ignoring substance and honesty.

Lesson Three The third and final lesson to be learned from the Donald Sterling scandal is that the false and hypocritical morality of equality is often exploited for political purposes. It is certainly possible that someone is exploiting this situation to force Sterling to sell his NBA franchise, creating an opportunity for purchase.

It may be that the recorded conversation between Sterling and his former mistress was intended as entrapment to force Sterling out of the league. Steve Sailer speculates that this could be the motivation of someone like Magic Johnson, the frontman in the acquisition of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Perhaps Johnson is thinking of making a move to purchase the Clippers? He sent a servant to a fellow tyrant, Thrasybulus of Miletus, to seek his advice. Thrasybulus never answered the servant directly, but took him on a tour of his cornfield.

As they idly conversed, Thrasybulus cut off the tallest ears of corn and threw them away. By the time that they were finished, the finest crops had been ruined.

When the servant returned, Periander inquired about the advice he had received from Thrasybulus. After describing what Thrasybulus had done, Periander immediately understood the message:Introductory lesson to where morality comes from.

Have also used this at KS4 as it is quite easy to understand4/4(1). 1 LEAVING CERTIFICATE RELIGIOUS EDUCATION SUPPORT SERVICE Draft Sample Lesson Plan for Teaching Elements of the Syllabus Unit Two SECTION D: MORAL DECISION-MAKING PART ONE: THINKING ABOUT MORALITY Syllabus Objectives Knowledge • be familiar with the variety of meanings of the term ‘morality’.

Lessons from Kant: On Knowledge, Morality, and Beauty Oded Goldreich Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics Weizmann Institute of . Lesson one is that traditional Christian morality is essential dead in contemporary America. Christian morality is rooted in the immutable Law of God that is summarized in the Ten Commandments.

Christians recognize concretely-defined activities like murder, theft, lying, adultery, and fornication as being sinful. While the “seven deadly sins” may seem a misty morality lesson from the past, the cardinal vices are always with us–even in the strait-laced arena of research.

Hold on to your souls for a quick rundown of how findings announced this last week reflect our sinful natures. But before I get into my newest (and, I think, best) homemade cleaner, a quick rundown of the older ones: I use baking soda for every scrubbing job. I use a baking soda, borax, and cinnamon mix for cleaning the sink, toilet, and bathtub.

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