An opinion that cloning is evil

Below are the questions and my answers. What is your opinion on Human Cloning? Is it ethical, wrong, etc. Human cloning is ethical because its purpose is to cure diseases and extend life.

An opinion that cloning is evil

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There has been a constant curiosity in society about how could cloning affect the common man's life. There are various pros and cons of cloning for mankind and its society. Pros of Cloning Cloning body parts can serve as a lifesaver.

For example- When a body organ such as a kidney or heart fails to function, it may be possible to replace it with the cloned body organ.

Since, it has the potential of serving as an option for producing children. Can also prove helpful for the researchers in genetics. They might be able to understand the composition of genes and the effects of genetic constituents on human traits, in a better manner.

Cloning can enable the genetic alteration of plants and animals. If positive changes can be brought about in living beings with the help of cloning, it will indeed be a boon to mankind. It also makes deliberate reproduction of undesirable traits. Technical and economic barriers will have to be considered, while using it for organ transplants.

Cloning will put human and animal rights at stake. Cloning is equal to emulating God, which is certainly against nature. With the same technology, we can clone a newton or a Hitler What would become of humans? To create and kill? So we can not stop education. On the other hand we need study properly the consequences and control the negative side.

To Clone Or Not To Clone

Nobody wishes to fight with his own clone. A new knowledge should never be aborted. I completely agree here. If cloning is absolutely necessary to save a life, and it is the last possible solution, then it should be considered. Otherwise, I don't see the need-and feel it is unethical and just strange to clone a full being.CLONING - student essays.

This means that Man must restrain himself and create limits to his action, based on his judgment of good and evil.

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Man must decide whether to transform technology in an instrument of freedom or to become himself slave of technology. In my humble opinion, this is the only type of cloning that can be accepted as.

possibilities of human cloning may be attractive enough to change the publics opinion. Reasearchers on human cloning would involve huge risks for the initial clones, because any experiments in human cloning would eventually have to be tested on humans.

An opinion that cloning is evil

Sep 24,  · Tim Staples, Catholic Answers Director of Apologetics and Evangelization, discusses what the Catholic Church teaches about human cloning and why it is a non-negotiable moral issue.

Cloning turns every thinking being into something of a moral philosopher. Everyone has an opinion on whether or not it is right to clone another human being. The idea of asexually producing multiple copies of genetically identical organisms, all descended from a common ancestor, creates in most.

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Should the cloning of human beings be prohibited

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