Conform to standards of business writing

Performance Management Performance Management Cycle Developing Performance Standards While performance elements tell employees what they have to do, the standards tell them how well they have to do it. The first article in this series defined and reviewed the characteristics of critical, non-critical, and additional performance elements. This article reviews the principles of writing good standards that can be used effectively to appraise employee performance of those elements.

Conform to standards of business writing

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Written communications in any form may be filed away for future reference. These communications also impact the image of an organization over time. There are both advantages and disadvantages to using standardized written communication in organizations.

Standardization Standardization of written communications may come in a variety of forms.

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For example, the organization may simply mandate that all memos be written on company letterhead using a specific format. Individual organizations may develop their own written communication standards, or they may rely on industry standards.

For example, the organization might require that workers adhere to a specific writing style guide such as the Associate Press APwhich is used in the journalism industry or American Psychological Association APA guide for the physiological professions. Advantages The standardization of written communications used by an organization improves credibility within the firm as well as with customers and suppliers.

Standardized communications are easily identifiable. Standardized written communications may also improve accuracy and save time.

conform to standards of business writing

The use of standardized communications can also help prevent fraud. For example, if a customer becomes accustomed to receiving specifically formatted emails from her bank, she will be more likely to recognize an email from a scammer pretending to work at the bank.

The customer may then report the scam email to the appropriate authorities. Disadvantages While standardization of written communications may be useful to an organization, it is essential to understand that there are some disadvantages.

For example, the organization must train workers to use the acceptable format, which may sometimes be costly.

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Finally, extremely rigid standards may inhibit the worker from completely expressing the message in an easily understandable manner. Strict standardization may also impair creativity. Standardization of such written documents is essential. Standardized documents are easily categorized and cataloged by computer systems, making them easily accessible to workers.The best meets exception provides a mechanism to help agencies balance business needs and obligations to procure ICT Items that conform to the Revised Standards when an alternative that fully conforms is not available.

Explicit Business Writing: Best Practices for the Twenty-First Century contains the standards, the best practices on which the standards are based, explanations of the best practices, and clear, concrete examples.

Professional Business Writing Standards. Tweet. Pin it. Business Writing Standards for Effective Communication The Art of Communicating Well.

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Clarity is “the most” important factor of any kind of communication. Be it communication within friends, family members, among social circles or professional environment. Clarity will always be the. conform definition: 1. to behave according to the usual standards of behaviour that are expected by a group or society: 2.

to behave according to a group’s usual standards and expectations, or to operate according to a rule: 3. to obey a rule or reach the necessary stated standard. Learn more.

Start studying Chapters 1,2 & 4 Business Communications. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Reports that conform to GAAP standards include information relating to income tax expenses, including the company’s domestic tax rate.

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