Cultural of greenscape

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Cultural of greenscape

If the grubs are not eating the roots of the grasses the porina are eating at the base of the grass causing bare patches in lawns. When any of the above pests are active then you will have starlings and black birds ripping your lawn apart to obtain a morsel of food.

This is especially so at this time of the year when the birds are nesting and seeking food for their hungry young. The trap, which I will explain later, was a result of information that I received from a farming gardener from Taranaki.

So I cant take claim to its invention; I did however invent the wheel but thats another story. I said to the gardener you mean grass grub beetles not porina moths don't you?

Cultural of greenscape

He replied no the moths and he is catching lots every night using the trap. His comment was that it must be helping with the porina problem and that grass grub beetles had not emerged as yet in his area. Well I had never figured on the trap being a moth catcher but when you come to think of it the porina moth is fairly large and if it hit the pane of glass at speed it would likely fall into the water trap below.

This native grub which grows into an adult beetle Costelytra zealandica has become a menace to both lawns and pasture ever since New Zealand was settled. The pioneers converted native bush and forest to grasslands, but prior to that the native grubs feasted happily on tussock and native grasses without managing to upset the balance of nature.

Once our forebears opened up acres of pasture grasses, the populations of grass grubs exploded not really surprising, as each female beetle can lay or more eggs in just one month.

Cultural of greenscape

These grass grubs are found only in New Zealand, and are a good example of how the changes man makes to the environment end up altering the delicate balance of flora and fauna, resulting in major long-term problems.

Grass grub adults emerge in October, and are active until about mid-December, depending on weather conditions and exactly where they are in New Zealand. The cooler the temperature, the later they emerge. The adults will start to emerge in mild conditions, when the soil temperature reaches about 10 degrees they then mate, fly, eat and lay eggs in the short space of time between dusk and early evening.

This very attraction for the light has become one of our best weapons in controlling the pest in its adult stage. You can set up a grass grub beetle trap by placing a trough, such as the one used when wall-papering, directly underneath a window near a grassed area. Fill the trough with water to about two-thirds of its capacity, then place a film of kerosene on top of the water.

Put a bright light in the window, the beetles fly towards the lit window, hit the glass and fall into the trough. The kerosene acts as a trap, preventing the fallen beetles from climbing out.

You can extend this method to areas away from the house by using a glass tank, such as might be used for an aquarium. Place the empty tank into a tray containing several inches of water and the keroseneand position a light inside the glass tank.

By adding a sheet of ply or something similar over the top of the tank, you will ensure that the light shines only through the sides of the tank above the waiting water and kerosene.

It is better to use a dome-shaped battery-powered light rather than an ordinary torch for this job as the bigger light makes the trap more effective. If the tray and tank are raised off the ground and placed on something like a table, you will get an even better result.

However you set up your beetle trap, this is a very good method to dispose of the pests. Simply get rid of all the beetles caught the next morning.

If you have un-curtained windows in rooms which are lit at night, you will find grass grub beetles from yours and neighbouring lawns will be attracted to the area during the early hours of the evening.

Street lighting is probably the worst offender, and people with areas of lawn near street lights often find those are the parts worst-affected by grass grubs. Night lights and solar garden lights will also attract the pests, especially in areas which are normally dark at night.

One gardener complained to me that her cyclamen corms and begonias, situated in containers on her porch, were being eaten away by grass grubs.At Greenscapes, we believe in improving our community and reducing our impact on the environment.

Service to our community and protection of our environment are integral to Greenscapes’ culture. We are committed to investing in technology that allows us to reduce our environmental impact.

The HDR Foundation’s donation of $13, will be used to purchase robotics kits for kindergarten through fifth-grade students at Central Heights Elementary School.

As the school district implements the Project Lead the Way curriculum, it is a substantial cost to purchase the STEM materials.

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More than volunteers helped to plant 1, grasses, shrubs and trees that will create a habitat corridor to support local wildlife.

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