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By Jeff Goins Writing I was reading a blog the other day, and it kind of depressed me.

Don t read i just need an

Child-care costs are skyrocketing, the birth rate is plungingand the baby-boomers, retiring. But all these causes of American misrule are informed and exacerbated by this overriding fact: Voters under 30 backed Hillary Clinton by 18 points — but their verdict drowned out by those over 65, who favored her opponent by eight.

A new survey from PRRI and The Atlantic suggests that only one-third of toyear-old voters are certain to cast ballots next month. Some portion of this disparity is probably inevitable — there is no democracy in the world where the young outvote the old.

Still, millennials in the U. There is also the fact that many of my fellow millennials have very wrong opinions about how politics works.

Which is to say: But taking socialism away from baby-boomers is one of them. Of course, many GOP lawmakers do support cuts to Medicare and Social Security — but only for when you need it, dear millennial reader.

Nothing has to change for current beneficiaries.

Don t read i just need an

Millennials and Gen-Xers will, on average, have much lower lifetime earnings than the exceptionally lucky boomers did — and thus, will be more reliant on Social Security in their golden years. Millennials have the numbers to make student debt-relief, public day care, a federal ban on mayonnaise, or any other policy priority of younger Americans into an object of bipartisan consensus which is to say, into something that Republicans must try to kill quietly through judicial fiat, instead of loudly through legislation.

If 71 percent of eligible voters under 30 cast ballots this November as 71 percent of those over 65 did inthe American government would become drastically more responsive to their interests. Inan uptick in turnout among young voters helped deliver North Carolina to Barack Obama.

Eight other states have adopted similar restrictions. According to Pew Researchmillennials are more likely to accept the reality of climate change than any other generation of Americans, with 81 percent saying there is solid evidence that the Earth is warming — a factual statement that only 69 percent of baby-boomers are willing to endorse.

Millennials are also, by far, the most racially progressive generation in the electorate.


Thus, an America in which millennials voted in high numbers would be one where Republicans would have a much harder time burying their unpopular policy positions beneath attacks on Colin Kaepernick and sanctuary cities.

Which is to say, they are the generation most likely to recognize the reality that Donald Trump and his party are a threat to our republic. For example, American housing policy is profoundly biased in favor of homeownersand this reality has has generated housing shortages in many major American cities, thereby undermining economic growth.

Similarly, the existing electorate is much less likely to appreciate the severity of the student-debt crisis than millennials are, or to comprehend the broader material challenges that younger Americans face: Nevertheless, the path to that better world begins at your local precinct.Oct 23,  · Clip from Spongebob Squarepants - "Tea at the Treedome".

8 days ago · Employers trying to recruit in the tightest job market in decades are hiring some candidates sight unseen—after just one phone interview; ‘Is this real?’.

"I give speeches to year-old boys who don't read the paper and I say, 'You're in college and just met the girl of your dreams. She takes you home to meet her parents.

Don t read i just need an

Over the dinner table, her father says something about Ronald Reagan, and you don't know who he was. Writers need to read. A lot. Magazines. Books. Periodicals. You don’t need to read to finish what you’re reading. Just read to read. Don’t neglect this discipline. Make reading a habit, a personal passion.

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And be sure to read widely. Study language. Sep 11,  · Tanzanian President John Magufuli has told women in the country to stop taking birth control pills because the country needs more people, according to local media reports.

So why don’t I just retire and make room for someone younger to have a turn at the trough? but as a collective group our defense has .

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