Double sstandard

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Double sstandard

Bya 6 inch barrel was also available. The 3 inch barrel was dropped in In a snub-nose model of the Sentinel was introduced, with a rounded butt on the grip. The early guns had a bobbed hammer, through aboutafter which they featured a spur hammer.

The blued version was Model and the nickeled version was Model Color finishes in gold Modelturquoise Modeland pink Modelknown as Dura-Tone colors, were offered for the snub-barrel Sentinels. The Dura-Tone guns came in a deluxe presentation case and had white faux ivory grips.

In when the R series began the snub-nose models were given different model numbers, the blued one being Model and the nickeled one being Model A snubby version was also made for Sears, labeled the J.

Double sstandard Western Auto snubby was labeled Double sstandard Revelation Model 99, available in both blue and nickel finish.

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It was sold by Sears as the J. Higgins Ranger Model Sentinel Series Numbers R The first Sentinel series was called the R The frame carries an eagle logo. In mid, the hammer and trigger mechanisms were slightly modified for the R series.

Infor the R series, a return spring was added to the ejector rod. The R series had slots milled into the ejector instead of drilled holes.

In the R Sentinel Imperial was issued with a full-sized grip frame, two-piece checkered walnut grips, a ramp front sight, and a target-style trigger. The regular Sentinel was still available with one-piece plastic grips and blade front sight, and it retained the old R designation.

These guns were originally made for Sears, but were returned to High Standard when Sears dropped their handgun line inand were rebranded as High Standard guns the barrels and grips were replaced.

Double sstandard

They retain the distinctive cylinder flutes, cylinder pin, trigger guard, and one- piece grip design of the J. As best I can tell, this is one of the least common Sentinels. In April the Sentinel Deluxe appeared, with the R series number. The ramp front sight was replaced with a blade, but the gun retained the checkered walnut grips of the Imperial.

The old Imperial continued in production. This was also a Sentinel Deluxe. I have been unable to determine the difference between the R and R Externally they appear to be identical, but the part numbers for the frame, grip, trigger, and hammer were all changed. In the Snub-nose Sentinel was given a two-piece grip and the R series designation.

Double sstandard

The frame carries a trigger logo. A few of this series have no frame logo. The Kit Gun was introduced and given the R series designation.

This was the first model with a fully adjustable rear sight. These guns had optional adjustable rear sights, wrap-around walnut grips, and the first steel frames to appear in the Sentinel line. The MK I was chambered for the. The Camp Gun was introduced in this same period.

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The Camp Gun came with a standard 6 inch barrel and adjustable sights, and was available in either. These were rebranded Dan Wesson. They were sold from mid- through February of There are persistent rumors that High Standard made the Dan Wesson pistols, but they are completely untrue.

Guns magazine, June The High Standard Sentinel Revolver. There is an integral thumb rest molded into the frame behind the cylinder housing on each side, making the gun feel quite natural in the hand.

Politicians complaining about pet projects and pork spending as a problem but still pushing their own through because theirs is obviously more okay is a great example of double standards.


The smaller pay black soldiers receive was also a double standard. Standard ® is the leader in the automotive aftermarket. Backed by more than 95 years of experience, we design, engineer, manufacture and distribute over 40, of the highest quality engine management products in some of the most advanced-technology categories.

At Double Standard, we've made it our mission to only use the highest quality ingredients in our cuisine. California Modern Italian. a. Burst pressure is recorded as the pressure at which actual rupture of a hose occurs.

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b. A hold test, when required, is a means of determining whether weakness will develop under a given pressure for a specified period of time. Breaking local news, national news, sports, politics and world news from The Standard Speaker and covering all of Hazleton.

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