Essay on eid ul adha 2010

On the day of Eid people enjoy and express happiness and offer prayers in the form of group Also they ask for the true path to live in this life and get forgiveness for all sins and get destination that is heaven, which Muslims believe will bring success in this life and hereafter only if they lead this life on true path, never lie, never harm to others with their hand and with their tongue and believe uniformity in all human beings and are never proud on themself and we think God has blessed us with this quality and we are always thankful to our god and try to help others especially the poor, before all should have faith in the Oneness of God. So it is clear that Eid celebration is not only an expression of our happiness but also it express the spiritual happiness. After Eid prayers and meeting on the occasion of Eidpeople hug eachother.

Essay on eid ul adha 2010

This Eid is also called the Eid of sacrifice, and it essentially commemorates the trust of Abraham and devotion to Allah. According to the Belief of the Muslims, Allah asked Abraham to sacrifice his boy for Allah's sake, and although he was a good man and adored his son very much, his devotion and beliefs to God was so strong that he did not hesitate to take this vivid step and decided to sacrifice his boy Huda, The willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his kid with regard to Allah caused Allah to free his son's life, and for that reason a lamb was sacrificed in his place.

This was a miracle of Allah and it turned out that he has order over all things and the known and the mysterious.

It is due to this holy event in the History of Islam that the Muslims now rejoice Eid ul Adha annually to earn Allah's blessings and forgiveness.

Essay on eid ul adha

Eid ul Adha is a sacred Muslim event that is celebrated each year around the world with sacrifice, prayer and food.

Eid Ul Adha is also called the greater Eid which is the second most important celebration in Islam. Eid ul Adha occurs in the month of hajj on the 10th of Zil hajj after all of the pilgrims to Makkah have performed the obligatory events.

In america and Canada many Muslims gather and provide the morning prayers at a mosque or in an open environment instead of eating breakfast. After the morning prayers people accumulate with their family and friends and they enjoy being mutually. In Egypt EId-ul-Adha is celebrated by offering day prayers and enjoying the feast.

The morning prayers and the sermon are an important aspect and Muslim traditions around during this Eid holiday. The individuals meet with the other person like this in USA in order to commemorate socialize and enjoy this historic day in Egypt. The folks also offer sacrifices by means of Goat, Lamb, Camel and Cow.

The meet from the sacrifice is then sent out among the indegent people by means of charity.


Eid Ul Adha is celebrated as a four day event in Pakistan. All the stores are sealed on your day of Eid and like this far away Muslims collect for the prayers and pay attention to the sermon in the mosque.

Which is celebrated in the same fashion in the countries like Morocco and Bangladesh. Each one of these countries are Muslim dominated societies. For the Non-Muslim countries there are no national holidays and the Eid Al adha is celebrated with some limitations.

However it is a fundamental happening of Islam and a time of happiness for all the Muslims throughout the world.

Essay on eid ul adha 2010

During the festivities of Eid Ul Adha the Muslims as discussed earlier keep in mind the studies and hardships faced by the prophet Abraham. The slaughtering of pets or animals in the remembrance of the holy event has been a very misunderstood idea about the world beyond your trust of Islam Rabbani, Allah has given us power and has allowed us to eat meat, but only in if we slaughter them in the name of Allah.

Essay on eid ul adha

Muslims slaughter the pets just as throughout the year. By contacting the name of Allah in enough time of slaughter reminds us that the life that we are taking is sacred. The meats from the sacrifice is mainly distributed to others.

Some individuals have been known to donate big money to the poor in the name of Allah to earn Allah's blessings.

The act also portrays a definite example where we just give up things that are dear to us in the way of Allah just to follow his order. This take action also encourages brotherhood in the Muslim world. This act also refreshes our trust in Allah and we recognize that all the blessings result from Allah Alone.

It is vital to comprehend that sacrifice offered by the Muslims on the day of Eid has nothing to do with cleansing ourselves from sins. This is quite simply a misunderstanding created by those of previous generations. The stance of Allah is very clear, and it is said in the Book of Quran "It is neither their meats nor their bloodstream that gets to Allah; it is your piety that gets to Him.

It is just the piety of the Muslims offering the sacrifice that is detected by Allah. The symbolism lies in the frame of mind.

Sacrifice fundamentally infers a willingness to make sacrifices inside our lives to be able to stay on the true and straight path. A genuine Muslim which has a firm notion in Allah will try to follow all his instructions sincerely and obediently. It is the purity of faith, the strength of heart, and a prepared obedience our lord requires from us.

The lessons learned of the way of Prophet Abraham where he was about to slaughter his son in utter distribution, until at the previous moment when Allah delivered a Goat instead of his child are various.Eid-UL-EDHA is very important festival for Muslims because they their religion, history, ritual celebration and time with family and friends.

Eid-UL-EDHA is a festival of recalling the Muslim history of sacrifice. Essay on festival of eid ul adha November 21, Essay on festival of eid ul adha.

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Oct 27,  · Eid is a Arabic word it means festival. There are two big festivals in Muslim culture 1) Eid ul Fitr and 2) Eid ul Adha. These two Eids festivals we celebrated in two different Islamic Lunar months all around the world.

Essay on eid ul adha festival. 5 stars based on reviews Essay.

Essay on eid ul adha 2010

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