Kamdhenu tmt

What is TMT Bar? It is a special type-of bar manufactured using a latest technology. In developed countries only TMT Bar is used for construction activities.

Kamdhenu tmt

The Temcore process is widely accepted as the best process for production of high quality rebars since the technology uses low cost raw materials against costly alloy elements like Vanadium and Niobium.

The temcore process imparts high strength to the bar through thermo mechanical treatment technique. As a result of the latest tempcore technology, ensuring excellent weldability, ductility and bendability a notable saving in alloy cost per ton. The process involves heating of steel billets in a Reheating Furnace and rolling them through a sequence of rolling stands which progressively reduce the billet to the final size and shape of the reinforcing bar.


As the bars leave the final mill stand, they are submitted to a special heat treatment involving three stages. The first stage consists of a water spray cooling treatment to the hot rolled bars. The effectiveness of the water spraying equipment at this stage is critical as to rapidly harden the surface layer, faster than the critical rate, to form the martensite while core remains austenite.

In the second stage the bar leaves the water quenching line and is expoed to air.

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The heat flux from the still hot core reheats the surface by conduction thus self tempering the surface to a structure called "Tempered Martensite" which is strong and tough. The core is still austenitic at this stage.

The third stage of "Atmospheric Cooling" occurs on the cooling bed, where the austenitic core is transformed to a ductile ferrite pearlite core. The final structure consists of a combination of a strong outer layer of tempered martensite and a ductile core of ferrite pearlite.

Kay 2 Steel The happiest builders Expert technical know how, consumer friendly, superior quality make Kay 2 a pan - Indian brand that is reaching new heights of a rapid pace.

The name Kay2 has been unanimously accepted by everywhere as the most useful steel to fulfil the function of building the strongest and the most ideal places.

With the most advanced technological as well as excellent quality raw material, Kay2 has served and will always serve you with the maximum diligence, utmost dedication and equalled quality standard meter. When maximum reinforcement with excellent quality is needed for any construction, the only name that fulfils all the international quality standards is Kay2 Tmt Bar.

Kay2 Group has the most advanced technology The other salient features of Kay2 Tmt bar are far better corrosion-resistance, better bond-strength with cement, resistance to fire hazard, excellent ductility, higher fatigue strength, easy work-ability at site The Unimpeachable Manufacturing Process: Kay2 Tmt is manufactured through advance technology under entirely computer controlled systems and is tested through rigorous laboratory processes to ensure the best with best functionality.

The plant has contemporary and totally automatic PLC based machines, which maintain temperature during the rolling process between to C.

Then the bars pass through specially designed Quenching Box. The red-hot bars are now subjected to sudden and intense cooling. The cooling time and rate depends on the size of bar, controlled by maintaining a desired temperature, Flow rate and temperature of water.

The surface gets quenched to form a hard Martensite structure while the inner layer remains comparatively hot and soft Austenite. Finally, the bar is kept on Cooling Bed,where natural air cools it. The temperature gradient between inner hot core and outer layer makes the core reheat the quenched surface.TMT BARS Stockiest and Authorised Dealers of SAIL, KAMDHENU STEEL, RUDRA TMT, JINDAL, JSPL, TATA TISCON, ESSAR, RASHTRI ISPAT NIGAM LTD (VIZAG).

Kamdhenu Ispat Limited is an ace TMT bars manufacturers in India. Kamdhenu TMT bars have enhanced strength combined with high ductility, superior weldability without loss of strength at welded. Kamdhenu Ispat uses the latest CRM Belgium technology to manufacture its string of products– CID bars, TMT bars, TMT–Gal bars and Stainless steel in a flattering time of 18 seconds against Kamdhenu, one among the largest TMT producers in India, is the first company in the country to introduce the unique double-rib pattern design equivalent to British standard BC designed and manufactured from the latest UK based technology with international quality standards.

Kamdhenu tmt

Kamdhenu TMT bars are the most popular reinforcement bars in India. High speed latest technology TMT grade Fe - D, Fe - D has the best strength with mildness, better corrosion resistance, better bond strength with cement, excellent ductility, easy work ability at site, steel saving of 14 - 19%, reduction in construction costs.

Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd is the largest manufacturer of international quality Steel Bars in India. The Company is a manufacturer of Steel Bars in India. The company .

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