Limitations of the genie case study

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Limitations of the genie case study

Genie, her nearly blind mother, and her elderly grandmother disturbed the social worker. The three had come into the Social Welfare office in Temple City, California, to learn about resources for the blind. The date was November The social worker noticed that the "small withered girl" had "a halting gait" and "hands held up as though resting on an invisible rail," which gave her a curious, unnaturally stooped posture.

The girl was so tiny that the social worker estimated she might be six or seven years old. She suspected the child might be autistic. But Genie was actually thirteen and had been in solitary confinement since she was two years old.

Her 'jailer' was her father. In the next few weeks, Genie's story came to light, and, shortly after it did, Genie's father killed himself. The father had locked Genie up to protect her from what he considered the dangers of the outside world.

During those 11 years, Genie was harnessed naked all day long to a toddler's potty seat. At night, with her arms restrained, she slept in a sleeping bag inside a "crib-cage" made of wire and wood. Whenever Genie made noise, her father would bark like a ferocious dog or beat her.

Genie ate baby food, cereals, and soft-boiled eggs, all of which were fed to her. Her 'toys' were cottage cheese containers, two plastic raincoats, threadless spools of thread, and copies of TV Guide stripped of illustrations. Her bedroom walls were bare. She had no books, no radio, no television.

The only words addressed to her were angry ones. She could say "stopit," "nomore," "no," and a few other negative words. At age 13, she understood only 20 words.

Genie's father also kept his wife and son, who was a few years older than Genie, captive. He rarely permitted them to speak or to go outside. Sometimes, he sat all day with a loaded shotgun in his lap. Through a cracked-open window in her room, Genie may have heard airplanes overhead or faint piano music drifting from a neighbor's house.

Two inches of sky and the side of a neighbor's house were all that she could see through the top of the covered glass. When Genie emerged from her prison of silence, she was, ironically, thrust into the center of a war about words.

Psychologists, psychiatrists, linguists, and others had, over the years, posed a tangle of questions about how people learn to speak, how they build their vocabularies, and how they create meaningful sentences to communicate with others.

Do people learn language from their environment or are they born with an innate ability to speak? Can people learn a language at any time in their lives or must they learn to speak when they are young?

Genie seemed to present them with a "natural experiment" for answering these questions, because she had heard almost no words in her thirteen years.

Limitations of the genie case study

When Genie's story spread in the academic community, many researchers were eager to study her. Genie had become a prize. There was a contest about who was going to investigate her, and how-about where to go with the treatment and research. Then she moved to the home of Jeanne Butler, one of the hospital's rehabilitation therapists.The girl was given the name Genie in her case files to protect her identity and privacy.

"The case name is Genie. This is not the person's real name, but when we think about what a genie is, a genie is a creature that comes out of a bottle or whatever but emerges into human society past childhood. Check out this great infographic about the effects of #Brexit on the #construction industry?️ Click To Tweet.

Brexit will undoubtedly create ripples and reshape the foundations of the construction industry. Genie was allowed to be studied as a case study and naturalistic observation.

Since Genie is a rare case many psychologist and researchers wanted to join her team, making her extremely popular.

Researchers became too attached and wanted to help her but they started taking on two roles in her case. PHILADELPHIA — Night shift work was associated with women having an increased risk of breast, skin, and gastrointestinal cancer, according to a meta-analysis published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research.

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