New essays on zionism

The origins of the conflict between Arabs and Israelis lie deeply in religious and historical times. The aftermath of World War Two instigated the rise of Zionism and Arab nationalism, escalating the religious and cultural differences between the two nationalities.

New essays on zionism

Those definitions are below. Anti-Judaism is a dislike of Judaism based on zero-sum relationships: We Christians, Muslims, seculars are better because you are worse; we are right e.

At its mildest, anti-Judaism, like any other dislike of a religion or tradition, is a common phenomenon that it is hard to get too indignant about.

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At its worst, however, anti-Judaism is a compulsive discourse of superiority that needs to see and feel the domination over Jews in order to be satisfied, a religious imperialism. Jew-hating often serves as a form of scape-goating drug that cuts the pain of suffering by making Jews feel even more paininflicted by the very people who suffer at the hands of those who manufacture and New essays on zionism them their Jew-hatred.

In the world of hierarchy where everyone gets dumped on by those above, and dumps on those below, having someone for everyone to dump on becomes a psychological and social necessity. Such beliefs involve a whole range of phobic fantasies of child-sacrifice, blood rituals, and international conspiracies to enslave mankind in order to justify the defensive genocidal impulses.

The potential for violence in anti-Semitism is both constant and profound.

New essays on zionism

Unlike the milder forms of anti-Judaism, which still see Jews a human beings, however disliked or despised, anti-Semitism tends to see Jews as at once super-human maintaining vast conspiracies over millennia, supernatural figures of evil like the devil, the Antichrist, the Dajjaland sub-human vermin, bacteria, apes, pigs.

And anti-Semitism has strong tendencies towards genocidal violence. The widespread acceptance of this argument among otherwise intelligent and educated Westerners including many academicsis a sign of the auto-stupefaction to which politically correct thinking sentences us.

Despite many questions raised about the advisability or legitimacy of Zionism during its first half century, by Jews as well as Gentiles, after Europe slaughtered millions of Jews and the other nations of the world stood by, few people deny the justifiable claim of Jews to be able to defend themselves.

Anti-Zionism, however, argues that the Jews should not have a state, and that the current one is illegitimate, partly as a result of its displacement of the Arabs who lived there inpartly as a result of its constant current aggressions against its neighbors. Were one not to check reality, one would assume that anti-Zionism represented a post-Holocaust form of anti-Semitism articulated by right-wing fascist ideologues hostile to egalitarian experiments in sovereignty and eager to continue their assault on the Jews.

It is the double to quadruple standards by which Israel is held to the highest standards and found fatally wanting, and the Palestinians are held to the lowest standards, and found worthy.

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It does seem odd though to invoke such pacifist, secular, and universalist notions in a conflict where violent displacement and religious fanaticism is the very currency of anti-Zionist Arab discourse.

In any case, these arguments are not necessarily either anti-Jewish or anti-Semitic as defined above. The line between legitimate criticism however Zionists might find it misguided and anti-Zionism gets crossed when the critic holds Israel to such high standards that no country, certainly not one at war, could meet them, and conversely holds the Palestinians and other Arab states to such low standards that they encourage the most immoral kinds of behavior suicide terrorism.

While, strictly speaking, not all anti-Semitism is anti-Zionist e. In Europe today, most Christian and post-Christian anti-Zionists seem to be motivated more by anti-Jewish prejudice than anti-Semitism, although their harsh attitude towards Israel has begun to s pill over into the more virulent kinds of hate.

In any case, their hostility to Zionism enables, even fuels, the most virulent Arab anti-Semitic anti-Zionism. Hostility to Jews of both kinds discussed here go back millennia, and the historian can draw from a relatively broad range of examples from which to make generalizations.

The evidence suggests that the Jews, while often the first victim, are rarely the last. What starts with the Jews does not end with them.

With a formal zero-sum relationship with Jews as a public statement, most other social relations end up forced into such hierarchical structures.

New essays on zionism

With a paranoid attitude comes self-destructive behavior for all involved. However tasty Judeophobia might be in the mouth, it turns bitter in the stomach.The Persistence of the Palestinian Question: Essays on Zionism and the Palestinians by Massad, Joseph and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now .

Political Zionism and Theodor Herzl Influence - Zionism is a political organization that dated back in the Jewish and Judaism history; however, after , Theodor Herzl is said to have redefined it the political Zionism, hence he is referred by historians as the father of political Zionism.

About Deconstructing Zionism. This volume in the Political Theory and Contemporary Philosophy series provides a political and philosophical critique of Zionism.

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