Nus coursework programmes

She served a four-year term and was reappointed inbut resigned after one year to allow Koh Lip Lin to continue his post. The USP education focuses on strengthening core academic and professional skills — writing and critical thinking, analytical and quantitative reasoning, the ability to ask the right questions and pursue research, and the habit of reflecting upon ideas within a broad intellectual landscape.

Nus coursework programmes

SCM programme was launched in The programme has since grown in popularity and reputation. SCM programme is ideal for graduates with good honours degrees in engineering, mathematics, computing, business administration or other related technical disciplines, who are keen to advance themselves in a career in the logistics and supply chain industry.

The programme admits a balance mix of local and international students including both full—time and part-time students. It is an integrated programme combining business and engineering aimed at developing graduates with a comprehensive skill set for planning, designing and operating modern supply chains in the Asia Pacific.

Nus coursework programmes

Special emphasis is placed on applying decision and analytical methodologies to solve real world problems and hence the compulsory industry project which will enable graduates to work effectively in the logistics and supply chain industry.

This is complemented with site visits to logistics and manufacturing companies. On completion of the programme, M.

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SCM graduates will be well equipped with knowledge of global logistics, analytics and industrial engineering to take on a challenging career in the logistics and supply chain industry.

SCM graduation requirements include three cores and five elective coursework modules and an industry-based project. The minimum and maximum candidature for full-time students are one year and two years, respectively.

Department of Accounting BAA Accounting Research Seminar I BAA Accounting Research Seminar II BAAA Seminar on Empirical Capital Markets Research. Coursework programmes involve attendance at formal classes, seminars, laboratories and written examinations. Some programmes also require the candidate to undertake a project or practicum. There are currently ten coursework programmes comprising nine Masters degree programmes and one Graduate Diploma programme. Coursework Programmes: Admission, Programme and University Requirements The admission and programme requirements vary for each of the degree programmes. Please refer to the degree that you are interested in applying.

For part-time students, the minimum and maximum candidature are 2 years and 4 years respectively. Academic Departments and Institute involved in M. It has been a highly successful graduate coursework programme with high quality student intake and has produced more than 1, graduates to-date.

It has been responsible for the quantitative dimension of business school education, particularly in Analytics, Operations Research and Supply Chain Management.

TLI - Asia Pacific has wide industry recognition as a leading institute in providing professional short courses in logistics.The Master of Science (MSc) programmes, conducted in the evenings and aimed at working professionals, are designed for university graduates who wish to advance their knowledge and careers in their chosen field of specialisation.

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Environmental Studies at Yale-NUS blends elements of the world’s best environmental studies and science programmes with the unique opportunities of a liberal arts college in a vibrant Asian city.

Singapore-based companies refer to local companies and international companies that have a base in Singapore which is registered with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)..

The duration of the service obligation is fixed at 3 years, regardless of the duration of . Coursework programmes leading to the Master of Science (MSc) are normally conducted in the evenings and are awarded once the candidates pass the relevant examinations in a prescribed number of subjects.

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